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Handmade tobacco pipes and other woodworking by Daniel James Barker

My Work

Handmade Quality

These pipes are not factory made. Each and every one has a personal and unique touch.


All of my current listings are posted on either Etsy or Ebay, which you can navigate to at the top of the page.


Want a more personalized pipe? Let me work with you! Head over to the contact page, and you and I can get started finding you the perfect pipe!

The Story

My name is Daniel James Barker, and I am a pipe maker from Orange City, Iowa, home of the Dutch.

After graduating with my degree in physics, life did not pan out the way I had hoped. I moved back to my hometown in Iowa, and I went into treatment to solve some missteps I had with alcoholism. In the banality of recovery and post-college life, I wanted to find something to do with my hands.

In the spring of 2019, I began pipe making on a whim. Starting without the proper tools was complicated. I drilled chambers at the local university shop, I shaped stummels on a cheep sander, and I sized tenons with a dremel and circular cutter. Slowly my shop grew, and I began taking it very seriously. Through the generosity of friends and family I was able to obtain a small lathe perfect for my style of pipe making. It’s an almost Zen experience to turn the simplest of tools – a smoking pipe – into an elegant and functional work of art.

I wear a lot of hats. I’m a podcaster, aspiring scientist, amateur astronomer, artist, and avid gamer. I can only hope that my woodworking can measure up to everything else I love.


“Superb quality and craftsmanship and wonderful customer service. This pipe smokes like a champ and I’m looking forward to adding more Barker pipes to my collection in the future.”


“This pipe is stunning! I received it very quickly. My husband was so happy to add it to his collection for Father’s Day!”


“Shipping was fast and the seller was in communication through the entire process. Pipe has excellent craftsmanship, smokes cool, draws easy, and has a uniqueness to it that is unlike other briar pipes on the market. I will be keeping an eye on future offerings and will definitely buy from again.”



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