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Feel free to write about questions, comments, or inquire about commissioning a pipe! Keep in mind there is a $100 minimum for all custom pipes. If you are contacting about a commission please include the following information (if you have it):

  • Budget

  • Time Constraints

  • Style of pipe, if you know. If not, no worries! I’ll help design the perfect pipe for you!

  • Material preferences (if you want a wood other than briar, inlays, acrylic or ebonite stem, etc)

  • Stain color

  • Stem color (black is standard, but I can order acrylic to any color specifications, though this may add some time)

  • Reference links for a style you might like, if you’ve seen it somewhere else (though this is not necessary)

Once I get the details, I can talk it over with you, send you a sketch, and once we settle on something I will send you a price estimate. I do require that half the estimate is paid in full prior to starting work on the pipe. Once completed, you’ll just pay the difference of the final price (which may go up or down, but only slightly)

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you!

Please complete the form below

If you do not know what any of the below options mean, that’s okay! The checklist is not required and we can talk about options to find a good pipe for you! Please keep in mind that I may not necessarily be able to accommodate any and all preferences, and that certain options may increase the production cost of your pipe.

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